SCTV News -- Edmonton Version

Updates to SCTV Edmonton Shooting Locations

My Old Sites are Ghost Ships: updates are here!!!

Hello, my name is Trevor and I'm an SCTV addict.

I have some old SCTV related websites, but they can't be updated currently. My last update was on July 09, 2009.

A lot has happened related to The Second City and SCTV since then, especially some current news that I hope to spread. This site is intended to update & correct my former Edmonton SCTV Locations Site, as well as to provide current news related to SCTV and The Second City. Links back to my ghost sites will be provided along with links to other relevant stories, pages and sites.

Most notably, The SCTV Guide is your best resource for all things SCTV & Second City related. However, I'm hoping to do the best I can from Edmonton, Canada to keep every fan up to date with additions to my old site & posts, as well as keep you informed on SCTV and Second City news from the perspective as a fan who grew up in Edmonton during its shooting tenure in Edmonton, AB Canada.

So I hope this site is informative, interesting, fun and moreover helps to promote SCTV:

the finest sketch comedy show there ever was!